Any Bathroom Can Be Updated - Including Your Old Ones.

We provide turnkey bathroom remodeling services in Houston, TX

Think it'll take a miracle to modernize your bathrooms? Then consider us miracle-workers. HG Affordable Construction in Houston, TX can remove all the old, outdated features in your bathrooms and add modern, luxurious ones. Our bathroom remodeling services are all-inclusive.

Wondering how we can transform your musty bathroom into a space you'll actually enjoy spending time in? Depending on your budget and needs, we can...

  • Expand or downsize your bathroom
  • Install a new shower, toilet and other plumbing fixtures
  • Install a built-in or standalone vanity with custom cabinets
  • Replace old light fixtures, wiring and other electrical features
  • Replace your old tile floors with any type of flooring you desire
The sky's the limit when it comes to remodeling your bathrooms. Call 832-507-1276 now to request a free estimate on bathroom remodeling services.